Human Body Static Dissipater

Human Body Static Dissipater is widely known by other terms also like Human Static Dissipater or Human Static Testing Station, Human Body Static Discharge Unit and so on...

Its a simple to use device intended for checking and ensuring static charge dissipation from human body before entring into explosion risk atmosphere.

Human Static Dissipater is being installed to measure resistance of human body in respect to earth. The station is equipped with display for OPEN and PASS indication before entering into threatened area(Explosion Prone).

It is also equipped with Relay output which can be used for sound signaling / interlocking of door entry or gate control.

  • Simple installation and easy operation
  • Visible display PASS / OPEN indication with relay output
  • Contact closure for access control interlock
  • IP66 enclosure for control panel
  • Includes SS Plate with Handle and Cables
General FLP Enclosure Certification
  • Type of Protection : CIMFR / CCOE for Intrinsic Safety (Ex-i)
  • Flame proof (Explosion proof) Ex-d,
  • Area Classification : Zone 1 & 2,
  • Gas Groups : IIA/IIB, T6
  • IP Protection : IP 65 / IP 66
  • Apparatus standard : For Ex-d – IS 2148 / 1981 (Re-certification based on IEC 60079 series is under process)
  • Material : Cast Aluminium Alloy LM-6