ZC Thyristor Switch for Capacitor

Thyristor switches are resistant to mechanical wear, operate without noise, and are capable of practically transient – free switching without inrush currents, normally associated with the electro mechanical contactor switching. An unlimited number of switching are possible, without applying significant stress to the capacitors.

Capacitor life is enhanced to minimum three times of normal life due to smooth connection and disconnection.

ZC Thyristor Switch for Capacitor Features:

Four LED indications : Thyristor switch 1& 2 ON (Current Flow Condition), Power ON , Ext. Signal ON. Cooling Fan : ON automatically, when Switch temp rises above 60 degree Over Temperature Trip : When temp. rises above 90 degree, when fan failure occurs.

Technical Details:
  • System operating voltage : 380 V to 600 V available
  • Stage Kvar : 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 kvar
  • Control Supply : 240 V, 415 V +/- 10%, 50 Hz, <10va
  • External trigger signal : 3 options are as 10 to 24 VDC, 240 VAC, 415 VAC, Potential free contact (At a time only one Ext.
  • Signal is applicable)
  • Switch Size : L200 mm (Up to 50 kvar) x W 220 mm x H 270 mm
  • L 300 mm ( For 75 &100 kvar) x W 220 mm x H270 mm
  • A thyristor switch takes less time to operate
  • A thyristor switch takes less time to operate
  • Does not produce heat unlike mechanical switch due to its internal coil resistance
  • Consumes very low power when compared to mechanical switch
  • Very useful while applied to larger switching frequency
  • Robust operation for a longer period of time with minimum of errors
  • low maintenance cost