Motor Protection Device

  • Motor Protection Device is a complete and economic solution to protect motor
  • Instantly indicates the exact Fault-Value(Amps)-Phase
  • Saves cost on Production Loss, Motor Loss and Time spent on Fault identification
  • Our Relay Provides different curves for accurate tripping on the bases of starting time current of the motor
  • Digital Ameter with auto scanner for three phase Current & Earth Leakage Current
  • CT Specially designed for Motor Protection
  • Man-Machine Interface through keypad & Display
  • Annunciation indicates the type of fault
  • In built Hour Counter which records Motor Running Hours

Category: Micro Computer Motor Protection Device.

Motor Protection Device : Model LEDX Over Load Range
  • 0.4 to 12.5A
  • 0.8 to 25A
  • 2 to 62.5A
  • 4 to 125A
  • 40 to 250A
  • 80 to 500A
  • 100 to 1000A
  • 200 to 2000A
  • Over Load
  • Under Current with trip time settable
  • Short Circuit
  • Earth Fault
  • Single Phasing
  • Unbalanced
  • Locked Rotor
  • Phase Reversal*
  • Over Temperature*
Display type
  • LED Seven Segment, 4 Digit
  • Panel Mountable – 96X96X65 (LEDX) Note: All Dimensions are in mm
  • *Optional
Optional Features
  • Serial Communication RS485 (MODBUS)
  • Star-Delta Timer
  • Up to Last 10 fault history
  • Auto Start
  • Number of motor start-stop count to prevent motor heating
  • No need to replace every 1 or 2 yr.
  • Accurately reflects the heat built up in motor
  • LED Indication of Fault with Value(Amps)
  • Highly accurate tripping curve for motor protection
  • Time delay facility to avoid nuisance tripping
  • 3 CTs specially designed for motor protection
  • Auto Scanning of R Y B phase current with selectable scroll time
  • 5 inbuilt fault history for analysis
  • Pre Alarm facility
  • In built fault annunciator display in addition to motor protection
  • Software calibration facility for all 3 phase current
  • Feather touch key board to “Set Current” with high digital display of Set Value