Automatic Liquid Level Controller


ALLC : Automatic Liquid Level Controller


This model switches ON your motor when there is no water in your overhead tank and also switches OFF when tank is full. If the motor is in ON mode and the water level in sump is low, it switches OFF automatically and only when there is sufficient water in your sump it switches ON. Thus protecting the motor from running DRY.

  • State of Art Microcontroller Based Design
  • Adaptable to tank of any type
  • Compact & elegant design
  • Easy Installation
  • Increase Pump life, Avoid overflow of water, Dry running of pump set & there by prevents wastage of electrical energy
  • Avoids seepage of water from roofs & walls due to over flowing tanks
  • Built in water level Indication for High level & Low level for both upper & lower tank
  • Auto / Off / Manual mode selection switch
  • Motor On / Off indication
  • Aux. Supply: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (+/- 10 %)
  • Relay output: One Change Over , 30 A , Potential free NO contact
  • Sensors : Rod type 6 sensors
  • Auto / Off / Manual : Bypass switch