Earth Leakage Relay|Earth Fault Relay


Our Earth Leakage relays are of a microprocessor based, which are used to detect and protect the plant equipments with even a small leakage currents in the electrical system. These relays are known for their features like user friendly nature, low power consumption, minimal maintenance and optimum functionality.

  • LT Control panels and Switch boards
  • Steel plants
  • Generators and Transformers
  • Cement Plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Buildings
  • Mobile operating units
Features : Earth Leakage Relay|Earth Fault Relay
  • Inbuilt test mode
  • Man-machine interface through keypad & display
  • Annunciation indicates the type of fault
Current Range
  • 0.1A to 9.99A
  • 30mA to 999mA
  • Earth leakage relay output
Display Type
  • LED seven segment, 3 digit
  • Panel mountable – 96X96X65 (LEDX)