Cyclic/ Real Time Switch


CRTW : Cyclic / Real Time Switch

  • State of Art Microcontroller Based Design
  • 4 digit Super Bright Seven Segment Display
  • 4 Keys keypad for program mode
  • Working on Real Time Clock with inbuit battery backup
  • NO Re-Programing even if supply fails / remain uninstalled conditions for a long time
  • Selections of 8 events per day wise in real time clock mode
  • Use defined ON and OFF time in Cyclic mode
  • Password protection
  • Time base operation of Pump
  • Hoarding Light
  • Staircase Light
  • Timing Siren on fixed time
  • Signboard operation for multiple times at railway or bus station
  • Special features as selectable for Air conditioner application as ON/OFF timer with high low voltage cutoff with automatic change over when AC gets off to FAN on to avoid suffocation
  • AC On-Off Timer for Air Conditioners
  • We have in store for our custormers AC on-off Timer, an innovative power saving device that is engineered after extensive reserch. It is offered with a soft touch digital keypad for AC control. This intelligent solution also provides 3-min power on delay for compressor safety ans is capable of rendering years of efficient services at a marginal maintenance cost.
  • Aux. Supply: 180 to 270 VAC, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Function: Either Real Time Switch or AC ON/OFF timer selectable at site
  • ON/OFF delay : 1 to 99 min user programmable
  • Auto / Manual : Bypass switch
  • High Cutoff : Above 270 VAC
  • Low Cutoff : Below 180 VAC