AMF Relay with Engine Protection


AMF Relay is Automatic Mains Failure Relay, which is used in generator control panel when you have to control a generator that is connected in standby configuration. It is about a system that is waiting for a failure of the power utility. A panel fitted with an AMF Relay automatically controls the connection assignment of a the load to power utility or generator. The generator control p anel avoids back feeding by using mechanical and electrical interlock. Our AMF Relay comes with Engine Protection Features, which makes it s presence more effective.

Introduction And Application

AMF RELAY – Engine Control Relay Type – AMR

AMR1 has been designed for the control of emergency and standby power systems. It integrates the functions of engine start / stop relay, engine and alternator supervision and annunciator. The relay has a user friendly MMI in the form of a keypad and a LCD display. The engine start / stop relay element allows the automatic starting of relay when power fails, automatic stopping of the engine when mains return and also the control and interlocking of mains and DG Circuit Breakers. It also includes delayed supervision of oil pressure switch

Features & Characteristics
  • Micro controller technology
  • Wide range of auxiliary supply: 7 V to 35 Vdc
  • With stands a dip to 0V of auxiliary supply for 1 second
  • Flush mounting
  • Alphanumeric LCD display with keypad for easy of operation
  • Display and supervision of three phase mains voltages for UV, OV & unbalance
  • Display and supervision of D.G voltages for UV, OV
  • Display and supervision of mains & D.G frequency
  • Continuous supervision of mains & D.G breaker status – ensures human / equipment safety
  • Internal interlock for Mains & D.G. breaker for fail safe operation
  • Remote starting and stopping facilities
  • Measuring of different mains and generator parameters
  • True RMS measurement of mains & D.G. voltage
  • Ten internal fault annunciation for start failure, over speed, low battery, stop failure etc
  • Four spare terminals for connecting external fault signals
  • Display and supervision of battery voltage
  • Isolated inputs and outputs
  • Parameter setting from front panel keypad
  • Periodic test feature
  • Seven modes: Automatic, Remote, Manual, Offline, Test , Edit Parameters and Default Mode
  • Over speed indication / shutdown
  • DG starting process supervision
  • Indication of CB status
  • Wide array of time circuits for start delay, stop delay, mains restoration, recooling etc
  • Serial Communication (OPTIONAL)
  • Ignition ON input